Zenpoint DigitalCenter Full Version

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ZenPoint DigitalCenter

Listen to your own music, to online radio stations, watch your favorite movies and enjoy your photo memories while the music is playing.

With ZenPoint DigitalCenter, you can listen to your own music, karaoke songs, to online radio stations, see your favorite movies or enjoy your photos in a nice slideshow.

You can create playlists for the whole family or choose specific topics. It’s also possible to set the program into PartyMode, then it will act as a jukebox, where the songs are placed in a queue. ZenPoint DigitalCenter comes with more than 10000 different radio stations. ZenPoint DigitalCenter can be configured to meet all your needs, from a privat music center to a jukebox or a slideshow of all your images.

Can be used with a touchscreen or a mouse. ZenPoint DigitalCenter also supports “Dual Monitors”.

ZenPoint MusicCenter
ZenPoint RadioCenter
ZenPoint MovieCenter
ZenPoint PhotoCenter
ZenPoint ClockCenter

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