Word Extractor Commercial license

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Extract text from any file. Convert binary to text. Exe to text converter. Find cheats in games.

Free words extractor. Extract text from binary fileslike DLLs, Windows EXE applications. Extract test from any file, find hidden text in any files.

Word Extractor is a universal free hacking tool. It converts binary files (like Windows EXE applications, DLLs, encrypted files) to text files, allowing you to look inside.

It is suitable for many purposes like:

  • finding cheats in games
  • finding hidden text in any files (exe applications, binary, DLL)
  • finding hidden passwords in any files (exe applications, binary, DLL)
  • recovering corrupted documents (like Microsoft Word, RTF)
  • convert binary files to text files
  • checking suspicious files (software) against viruses and malware

Word Extractor tool can be used with any file in your computer. You can use it to separate the strings that contain human text / words from binary code (like applications, DLLs). Virtually,
it has an infinite number of usages. This makes it a much-desired tool not only for advanced users but also for beginners.

How does it work?

Word Extractor opens the file and tries to separate the binary code (all those funny characters) from textual strings. Word Extractor replaces binary code with empty spaces and it will display
the text so you can easily read it. The chance of success if about 95% for text files (DOC, RTF, PDF) and application (EXE, DLL…) files.


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