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X-ray competition with SEO SpyGlass backlink checker

Reveal the entire link building strategy of your competition with SEO SpyGlass, which is an extremely powerful backlink research tool

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are ranked #1 in major search engines, while your own site is stuck on page 24 in Google? Not anymore! SEO SpyGlass will take the mystery out of why your competition are ranking well — instantly!

SEO SpyGlass is an extremely powerful competition research tool that is amazingly easy to use. In three simple steps SEO SpyGlass will show you exactly how your competitors got top positions in search engines — so you can learn how they do it, improve on it, and get your own site ahead of them in Google, Yahoo! and MSN!

In record time, SEO SpyGlass will analyze your competitor’s Webpages using dozens of search engine factors. SEO SpyGlass will then compile a list of reports to help you understand why a specific site ranks well for a specific search string.

SEO SpyGlass will provide you with detailed information on every aspect of your competitors’ linking profile, including:

– The total number of backlinks your competitor has;
– The Google PageRank of both the domain of the backlink and the backlink page itself;
– The Alexa Rank of the competitor’s Website;
– The total number of PageRank 0 to 10 backlinks your competitor has;
– The total number of backlinks coming from the same IP addresses, allowing you to easily identify site-wide links;
– The exact anchor texts your competitors are using;
– The anchor and title keyword density of all the Webpages;
– Whether or not the backlinks still point to your competitor’s site;
– How many of your competitor’s backlinks come from forums and blogs;
– DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory listing information for each of the backlinks;
– The exact link value of every backlink your competitor has;
– The exact age of every Website linking back to your competitor;
– And much more!

In short, after SEO SpyGlass finishes its job, you’ll have a winning blueprint for your own site’s success online!

So stop wasting your time, get a copy of SEO SpyGlass now, and propel your own site to the top in all the major search engines!

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