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A simple tool to take screen-shot of your phone screen. Whatever you can see on your phone can be captured by this app and it saves it as a picture. Screenshot taken will be stored in your phone photos i.e memory card or your phone memory. You can then email or MMS the captured screen to friends, coworkers or family. Capture screen works in three different ways.

1. Set one of the convenience key to run this app. (Recommended) … See instructions below on how-to set up convenience key.
2. You will see an option of “Capture Screen” in all your system menus. Just press the menu key (BlackBerry icon key) to launch the menu and select “Capture Screen”.
3. You can run this app from the main menu (not recommended).

Whenever you capture the screen, the app will make your BlackBerry vibrate once to indicate that the image captured from the screen has been saved.

How many times have you felt that you need to show this weather report, or news website clipping or just a photo you see on that website to your friends. Simply capture the screen and send it away. Many times, you need to show somebody, how your cool new app looks like or what theme you are using or may be just a slide of a presentation you received in your email attachment. Capture the screen and you can share the image captured by Screen capture.

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