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RQ LogViewer allows you comfortably to view apache log files, downloaded on your PC.

Supported File format is the next – – [01/Sep/2006:01:49:10 +0400] “GET /rqsr.zip HTTP/1.0″ 206 229376 “” “Download Maxter”

RQ LogViewer parse Apache log file, loads it into the table and hilite the specific information.
You can use filtering to include or exclude data to view.

To unzip packed log files free 7zip unpacker used –

To filter data add terms to the includes and\or excludes filter (two lines above the main table).
The filter lines has the same cells as main grid, so data placed into specified cell will be filtered.
You can add data to the filter cells using the main table’s popup menu -use right click on main table or
edit data in the filter cells manually.
Filtered data showed in the “Filter table” placed below the “Main table”.

When “Autofilter” checkbox is checked – in the “Filter table” showed all line contained data the same as in selected cell from “Main table”.

Special service:
1. When you select cell with IP address and then click it again – Whois servise opened in your Internet browser window.
2. When adwords settings checked – adwords URL is showed in refferer


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