Roman Battles Lux Expansion

Roman Battles Lux Expansion preview. Click for more details

Roman Battles Lux – Strategy Game Pack Through Ancient Rome

Roman Battles Lux is a Lux Delux expansion pack set in Ancient Rome.

Roman Battles Lux is an expansion pack for Lux Delux containing 10 wars of Ancient Rome.

Unify the Italian Peninsula from its inception in 753 BC up until 224 BC. Command Roman Legionnaires during the height of the Republic!

It costs $9.90 US to purchase. Click install to go to the webpage.

If you purchase RBL, this entry in the plugin manager will be replaced by these maps (designed by Darin Clarke aka blackj3sus):
RBL age of kings
RBL mt gaurus
RBL mt vesuvius
RBL lake vadimo
RBL bovianum
RBL sentinum
RBL pyrrhic war
RBL agrigentum
RBL first punic war
RBL telamon

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