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MP3 Audio Sound Recorder – Recording software for voice,internet radio,midi,music,cassette tape to MP3/WMA.

MP3 Audio Sound Recorder – Recording software for voice,internet radio,midi,cassette tape to MP3/WMA.

Power Audio Recorder Pro supports 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100, 48000Hz, Mono/Dual Channels/Joint Stereo/Stereo. It is equipped with a built-in player, a playlist and enables users to cut and join MP3 files, record music to WAV/MP3/WMA files from cassette tapes and singles from LP directly while playing, record voice from MIC, sound from Internet Radio, tracks from CD and sound from any other source, such as radio, TV, CD player. Users can also record sound from any multimedia software and games directly.

The program has been developed to easily guide users through the process of recording. It is equipped with Record Wizard, which enables you to take advantage of the variety of recording functions immediately after the launch. You will not be confused by the number of options, as the interface is provided with user-friendly bubble help, showing all the information you need to know to make the right decision and press the right button.

Unlike many other products in its category, Power Audio Recorder Pro supports multiple sound cards, includes flexible voice activation system and provides users with multiple schedule support. Version 1.60 also includes ID3 Tag Editor for MP3 files. Power Audio Recorder Pro has been developed to address all requirements of audio recording enthusiasts, as well as professionals who are in need of high-quality, yet simple recording software.You can also edit your recorded voice and audio,include amplify +/-, fade in/out, normalize, insert silence.

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