Gladinet Cloud Desktop V3.x Professional Edition for Acdemic Use

Gladinet Cloud Desktop V3.x Professional Edition for Acdemic Use preview. Click for more details

Cloud Enable File Server for Remote Access from Mobile Devices

GLADINET cloud enables file servers for remote access. Use existing permissions and identities for access from iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

The Professional Edition of Gladinet Cloud Desktop is an open platform with advanced features that provide the seamless integration of cloud services with your desktop. These include advanced backup capabilities, enhanced security, compression, chunking and ever expanding support for integrated cloud storage. It also leverages the most recent set of storage plugins that have been developed by either Gladinet or third parties to ensure the best possible user experience with each cloud service. After purchase and installation of Gladinet’s open platform with advanced features, all known storage plugins that are registered in the online Gladinet plugin directory will be downloaded on demand. These are available as a free download and will be periodically updated. Please review our End User Licensing Agreement for details regarding the use of third party software or services.

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