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Matrix Games – Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865

What’s Your Strategy?

Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865 combines grand strategy with battlefield tactics in one game, putting you in command at every level of the Civil War, from the mobilization of your nation’s resources to the control of individual brigades during the fury of battle. Relive the days of America’s greatest struggle: a time of blood, smoke, and glory.

Forge of Freedom is packed with historical detail. Control the careers of more than 1,000 generals – every general of the Civil War era. Equip your units with one of more than 50 types of period firearms and artillery. Field armies containing the Iron Brigade, the Orphan Brigade or 100 other legendary units. Choose your units’ standards from a collection of over 700 authentic flags. Allocate resources toward research in order to gain improved technology and logistical support in five different areas of research. Engage in diplomacy with European powers and in domestic politics with historically accurate state governors. Command your navy to hunt blockade runners, blockade ports, launch amphibious assaults, and bombard forts. Customize your brigades by adding personnel and equipment: train sharpshooters and Zouaves, equip reconnaissance balloons and horse artillery, deploy raiders and scouts, manage engineers and signal corps, and much more!

Forge of Freedom allows you to customize the game rules: play with just the amount of complexity that you enjoy. The turn-based game structure allows you to play at your own pace. Battles can be resolved quickly or fought on a detailed battle map using a comprehensive system that models fatigue, morale, supply, facing, formation, time of day, reinforcements, command-and-control, weather, and even battlefield smoke.

Forge of Freedom is a unique game combining strategy and tactics in one design to offer you the chance to grab the reins of history.

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