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FolderMatch – File Compare and Synchronization for Windows 32 & 64 OS

Easy to Use Windows File and Folder Utility. Compare and Synchronize Files and Folders With A Simple Button Click. Differences shown side by side in a graphical, easy to understand manner. Its an easy way to stay in sync. 2002 Shareware Industry Award Winner.Fast Duplicate File Finder, .Doc and File Difference Viewer, Time Stamp Editor, and more!See the exact text differences between two text files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or PDF documents

FolderMatch makes it quick and easy to compare and synchronize the contents of any two files or folders.
Whether you’re trying to keep files and folders organized on a desktop computer, performing backups to
removable disks, synchronizing rapidly changing laptop data with your main computer, or doing network
file maintenance, FolderMatch offers one-button synchronization for the novice, and a range of
sophisticated tools for the advanced user..

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