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.NET Datagrid – Fast, highly customizable, industry standards .NET data grid for WinForms

.NET Datagrid – compact, easy to use, efficient and highly customizable WinForms data grid control for fast, professional looking results

100% ATL-based FlyTreeX represents the fastest tree/grid/list technology available on the ActiveX market. FlyTreeX is a lightweight ActiveX control that will help you create faster and more convenient applications.

Brief overview:
Blazing fast: Add/Sort/Clear more than 100,000 nodes in less than 0.5 sec
Get several controls in one: fast, powerful and flexible OCX-control for representing grid-like and hierarchical data, replacement for more than 30 controls in bound/unbound/combined mode.
All-in-One solution: FlyTreeX does not require any additional DLL’s; one OCX independent from MS CommCtrl.
Freedom for your data: FlyTreeX can work bound to database as well as unbound and in combined mode (some nodes may not be associated with recordset). FlyTreeX can also work with virtual data without additional buffering.
True 32-bit: break up MS CommCtrl barrier of 64k visible nodes – each node in FlyTreeX can hold HUGE arrays of sub-nodes. The only limit is the amount of your physical memory!
Combined Tree/Grid functionality: you can program FlyTreeX by using standard Grid methods (Row, Col, Cell) or TreeView methods (Node, Nodes).
Fully Customizable at design and run time: you can access the properties dialog of FlyTreeX at runtime by adding a single line of code. RightToLeft support: with FlyTreeX you can develop your applications for Middle Eastern countries.
Easy Printing: you can draw any array of cells on another canvas.

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