Farmville Automizer Pro Version

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FV Automizer : The Best Farmville Automation Software : Automatically Manage Your Farm

FV Automizer

Installation Wizard: Installing Farmville Automizer has never been easier. The Automatic Installation Wizard does all the work.
Manages Farm on Autopilot: Plant crops, harvest crops, plow, harvest trees, collect buildings, collect animals, help neighbors, complete missions, complete crafts and much more in just 1-CLICK.
Powerful Plug-ins: In order to make the software timeless, we built in the ability to expand its capabilities through plug-ins.
Free Updates: Farmville Automizer keeps users at the top of their game with frequent new releases with the latest strategies and protocols built in so that you never fall behind.
Runs in Background: Farmville Automizer works in the background while its minimized to your taskbar so you can do other things like surf the web or check email.
Facebook Compatible: Works on both and giving you the flexibility to choose where you want to play the game.
Works Worldwide: Take a laptop, have an internet connection and you are ready to Farm Gold in any country.

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