DBFlyTreeViewPro Suite 1 Developer License

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Windows.Forms controls

Controls and components for WinForms (.Net, Windows.Forms)

DBFlyTreeViewPro is a components suite that provides your users with an easy and fast way of hierarchical/table/list data display and browsing. DBFlyTreeViewPro is the direct descendent from FlyTreeViewPro. It allows you to use all features of FlyTreeViewPro (power of more than 40 types of in-place editors) + DB-aware power of DBFlyTreeViewPro. DBFlyTreeViewPro is easily printable. Use DrawCell method for draw any array of cells directly to printer, Metafile or Bitmap canvas.

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Tags: grid, data grid, treeview, tree view, hierarchical grid, column, cell, node, row, rows, nodes


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