Cincopa Premium Unlimited Photos for Life

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Cincopa Media Solutions | The Best Media Platform for CMS|Cincopa

Cincopa multimedia platform offers amazing media plugins. Enhance your website with slideshow, image galley, video player, music player or podcast.

Cincopa Media Platform is a cloud based solution that enable users to stream their media online.
Cincopa provide the following end-to-end solution :
– Handle massive video file uploading (from within the partner’s online service)
– Optimized storage of the video
– Convert video to various online streaming standard to support different browsers and mobile devices (flv, mp4, 3gp, ogg etc)
– Hosting the different video formats
– Delivery the video using any CDN for fast playback at end users
The premium plan includes:
– – Unlocks advanced features
– – 7GB of bandwidth per month
– – 5GB of online storage
– – 2GB max file size
– – Remove the “Powered By Cincopa”
– – Unlimited access to your cloud
– – Unlimited applications
– – Premium Support

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