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Edit JPEG photos without recompression loss – Better JPEG

Better JPEG allows for editing JPEG images without recompression. Lossless operations include rotation, flip, crop, red eye removal, date/text/EXIF data imprinting and more. Batch processing. Free download.

BetterJPEG is a JPEG photo editor specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing photos. BetterJPEG takes advantage of the fact that JPEG images consist of a number of small independent blocks and does not recompress blocks that don’t have to be changed, retaining original quality and sampling settings.

The list of lossless operations supported by BetterJPEG covers the essentials of digital photo processing, which, in combination with intuitive GUI and state-of-the-art image processing algorithms, makes it an indispensable tool for digital camera owners. BetterJPEG makes it easy to quickly process multiple images.

Main features:
– Rotate, Flip photos (lossless)
– Crop photos (lossless) – predefined and user-defined aspect ratios and sizes, composition guidelines
– Add Margins to your photos (lossless)
– Correct Brightness (lossless)
– Correct Color (lossless)
– Add Date / EXIF Info / Text to photos (lossless) – adjustable position, font, size, color, background, language, format, etc.
– Remove Red Eyes from photos (lossless) – anti-aliasing, adjustable size, sensitivity, darkening
– Copy/Paste to and from an external editor for local retouching without full recompression (lossless)
– Resize photos
– Convert to Black & White (Grayscale) (lossless)
– Remove JPEG artifacts from photos
– E-mail photos to friends and relatives
– Batch process photos
– Combine actions (Macro)
– Undo/Redo editing
– Preserve Metadata
– Optimize JPEG Compression

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