25 Lessons from Jack Welch m25W

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25 LESSONS from JACK WELCH (Ten3 Mini-course, 40 slides + 40 half-page executive summaries))

25 LESSONS from JACK WELCH – Lessons from the legendary former CEO of GE, whose management innovations have made him the most influential CEO of his era (Ten3 Mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov): Leading More, Managing Less, Building a Winning Organization, Harnessing Your People, Building the Market Leading Company.

SMART & FAST Ten3 Mini-course:

1. Lead More, Manage Less

2. Build a Winning Organization

3. Harness Your People for Competitive Advantage

4. Build the Market-Leading Company

45 PowerPoint Slides + 45 half-page Executive Summaries

Learn & Teach — FAST!

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